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Nudevertising - sex sells. Sex, nude women and men in marketing.


2016-02-15 Automatic running water from Shallow Wells (1940)
2016-02-15 Safe to say she loves her socks (2005)
American Apparel hired a porn star Lauren Phoenix to advertise socks.
2015-10-26 The Sony for Sun-Lovers (1968)
Sony TV print ad.
2015-10-26 Nettie Rosenstein Odalisque Perfume (1947)
Print ad for Nettie Rosenstein's Odalisque Perfume, with a John Rawlings photograph.
2015-10-24 Palmolive soap (1940s)
2015-09-29 Chupa Chups for adult
Chupa Chups tried to attract adult consumers.

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